Setting Insanely High Goals: Why do I personally prefer It (now)

I have this portrait/wall-hanging thingy at my place that has a quote in it (which I saw once somewhere and immediately got printed) that says,

“The true hell is when the person you are meets the person you could’ve been.”

Never has a random quote affected me so much as it did.

Naturally, I got it framed to remind myself every single day to give my all into building whatever I have in my mind so that when the time comes, the culmination of all of my time and effort throughout the years reflects in the quality of life I will be leading.

Wasted time & postponed effort are the two elements that get you a one-way ticket to a regretful life.

And by the time one comes to the realization that “yes, perhaps I should be doing something with my life,”

it’s already late.

But let’s not focus on the negative aspect of this situation (although it proves to be an excellent motivator for many), and focus on the light of how setting insanely high goals & working on them aggressively can catapult your life eons ahead.

To be able to achieve anything substantial in life, one must put a colossal amount of time and energy into building something that you’re proud of.

You don’t just need to set goals; that is the easy part.

The challenge is to set it high enough that it seems impossible from where you are right now.

In January 2023, I had a visionary objective to reach a “$10,000 per month” income threshold before hitting 2024; I was making around $4000-$5000 at that time, and doubling that within a matter of months (literally) seemed highly improbable.

Not only did I reach $10,000 in monthly revenue, I smashed my way through $26,000 in September 2023.

It was a 6.5X increase.

And no one was more surprised than me at that point, mostly because I have this limiting notion that I can never go beyond $10,000 given the time frame.

Maybe this was out of setting my expectations low or keeping my goals on the lower end to spare myself from the disappointment of failing to attain the intended target.

Whatever might be the case, this was purely a self-imposed limitation and, honestly, a very subtle form of self-sabotage.

Something you cannot blame on anyone but yourself.

That unexpected growth was beyond anything that I had planned, which proves that self-imposed limits are usually a construct that can just as easily be disregarded as it was imposed,

You just have to think a little higher.

The Idea Behind Setting Insanely High Goals

shoot for the moon & even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars.

Although quite a cliche & a bit overused quote among the productivity community out there, it is pretty accurate in a lot of aspects of life.

Someone who has very high goals and is willing to achieve them will put in more effort and handwork than anyone else, but even if the results are not favorable, they will be at a place that is much above average.

It’s the drive that can take you much further ahead in life than normally possible.

So, the principle behind my notion of setting insanely high goals is that it feels borderline unrealistic but still attainable if you really put in the work.

That pushes you to go further, enough for you to take up the challenge and feel doable at the same time.

For example, Last year, I generated over $150,000 from my blog (the highest ever), and for this year, I have a goal to make a certain number that seems a bit unrealistic to me at this moment.

It’ll be awesome to reach that number (I won’t reveal the goal until it becomes a reality), but even if it doesn’t reach that number mark, I think I won’t be disappointed, given the number is just inches away.

So, for setting an insanely high goal, keep these in mind:

1. It has to be high (obviously)

2. It might seem unrealistic from where you are right now.

3. But it still seems doable if you give it your all.

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